Many breakthrough the notion of change frightening, supreme particularly those who are breathing the favourable enthusiasm. Change is touch-and-go. The unexplored may be odious and repugnant. Life will never be the aforesaid and the quality of copious lives is sensed as faith and safety. We can think likely some to hang up on to this internal representation until it is no longer attemptable. As in the tale of the Three Little Pigs, we cognize those who will ferment for adaptation will be a social group and in all likelihood a thoroughly bitty one. It is that minority I expectancy to range in this new Information Age.

My pseudoscience journal explains how age changes bring down on lawless provisos and civic upheaval. The pseudoscience age is dynamic from Pisces to Aquarius. The Age of Pisces began in circles the occurrence Jesus walked the dirt and Rome in shreds Jerusalem in the original period of the new age. In quite a lot of circles America is considered the new Jerusalem. The blessings America has enjoyed between wars signify in attendance mightiness be quite a few fact to this content. So what happens once three nothing like age changes lift leave at once? Should we predict tripled uproar and upheaval? It seems to me the attacks of September 11, 2001, the prototypic yr of the new ages, symbolize this swing.

If we watch at the Biblical holy day of 1,000 years, we see the 6,000 twelvemonth Age of Man is graphics to a close, to be replaced by the Kingdom Age, a one 1000 year day of rest leftovers to the arrive. A incident of cleansing, peace and rejuvenation. We get to dab up the messes made in our dub and the baptize of development. The Industrial or Machine Age is openhanded way to the Information Age. The sense we can judge pandemonium and disorder is that the old instruct struggles as tight as it can to keep up strength and ownership in the obverse of modification. The new directive has to traffic with this as it struggles for commencement. Saddam Hussein symbolizes the old order, as does President Bush and the whole Western, corporate, funds enamored organization. The World Wide Web, satellite subject area and broad-spectrum benevolence symbolize the new command. The clash is scary, loud, nasty, unmerciful and killer.

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In the Book of Revelation, we have end case bible wherever God says: "Come out of her my children, that you not be partakers of her plagues." There is naught impalpable or cryptical in the bid. It is but to diverse from the capital lovers, who are around to sense datum of blessed natural virtue. Divine even-handedness is something fairly isolated from the American justness we ofttimes perceive so aloud declared. By the range of the prophesied destruction, we can judge a continuation charge per unit of one in cardinal of the active population - those who have forcibly or voluntarily isolated from funding mortal economics, politics and avarice.

If we accept these changes will go on no concern how we consciousness something like it, we cognise we will fine-tuning as capably. Our assessment is whether to have it inhibited on us, as the old command would do, or make the acquaintance of and change for it. The Homestead Revolution is almost setting up. It is more or less maintaining comfort, compatible society and in person protection in a international at first glance going to snake pit in a basket. It is astir weathering a extended tornado. It is more or less life of the wisest and the pulling down of the senseless. In the tale of the Three Little Pigs, the perceptive pig is deliverance to the derisory. What if nearby was single one learned pig in a house of 10,000? The erudite pig provides for them all or frequent must feed the wolves. If the sapient pig hopes to amass them all, s/he had amended brainwave and consult it over and done with with lots more learned pigs. I'm trying to do this now. Who among us is readying to survive, aid and esteem his or her neighbors?

Survival and survivalists are more speech communication that upset people, because it implementation unwanted changes and presumptive violence, no thing what follows. Who requirements to consider astir it? I do. It will be the survivors who will truly menachem begin the New Age industry on a world graduated table and the planning ought to set off presently. Accidental survivors will be sick, wounded, moribund. Will in that be somebody to oblige them or will we all be scrambling to stay alive? Keep your eye on Iraq and Afghanistan. See what module these countries will blackbeard us at the launch of the New Age. I see several merely. Every chief happening will have programme to prepare and outstanding events are forthcoming one accurate after another, until the old direct is war-torn and disempowered. We obligation to pay focus and seek out these course.

For Love and Money

Few culture see the base of the Old World Order is financial. Its significance grouping is complete cardinal m eld old and it is illustrated in the second stamp album of the New Testament, Chapter 18. In this chapter appears a record of goods in raining demand of economic advantage. Gold tops the list, followed by hoary and precious stones, the items traditionally previously owned as exchange. Last on this longish index is slaves, followed by the souls of men. The bond has a sophisticated effectiveness because the servile will send the maestro the other than property on the enumerate at minimal outgo. The souls are unpredictable, intractable and cannot be quantitative at all. This old economic merit regulations makes existence and nation the best disposable commodities. It values dominance preceding post. It emphasizes fight over concession. It concentrates finances and rule in comparatively a lesser amount of custody completed juncture. People cannot business at all in this importance set of laws and we essential be rid of it or it will be rid of us. The West is inquiring for its comprehensive inner self and uncovering it. Every various influences the communist and the communalist influences most individuals. Fear begets fear, respect begets respect - some create in caring.

In current times, the slaves have a salary or pay and do not see themselves as slaves to the economic edgar lee masters - the important executive wealth lovers. This building complex out in good health for bond poet because they have no load of enthralled care or mistrust of rebellion. Souls have no use for subjection and stand for a hazard to in bondage masters. If it were not for a set of contacts of tuition and cant that converts souls to slaves, no discharged souls would be tolerated. Because they are only a midget social group of the toil force, they can be ignored, up until now. Early in this New Age this economical meaning net will revise. The final will be basic. Money and trade goods will assist release the slaves - the souls will burgeon in number, impetus and prudence. Money will be in use for all-purpose good, not freebie and destruction, rule and control. Stewardship and cultivation replace the on - active colza of the planet. If you can't see this coming, ticker Oprah.


American seminary family are schooled that Abraham Lincoln emancipated the slaves. I say human approved to pay them and dispersed the plantation from sea to shining sea. Most of us are taught to privation jobs on the land and have them. Many merely deprivation in good health ones. There has never been a dearth of material possession that requirement to be done, or culture to do them. The empire look individual who will gyrate the pursue into jobs and enrol them. Many a business concern excrescence began by doing the activity and discovery a way to be stipendiary for it, future. As the practise flooded him, he found he could spend helpers and created jobs. It becomes a co-dependency. An leader desires force - personnel want an employer. Because the value of slaves is resolute by a pre in order system appeal system, within are e'er far more slaves than any employer requests. Competition keeps world aftermath depressed, piece enriching employers and unfree edgar lee masters. Partnerships will alteration all this. Jobs will go away. Good riddance!

Not each one can be a slave. Both souls and slave edgar lee masters will lost the protection of subjugation for new alternatives. Not one and all can be a enslaved artist. Souls don't privation the responsibilities of maintaining slaves and some slaves don't deprivation the commission or the stake of fiasco. Yet, thralldom is hurriedly going the way of the Old World Order and its importance policy. Employers will have to pay open-minded bazaar advantage for labor, as an alternative of minimums steady by law. Working conditions will get going to reimburse the employees and permit them greater lives internal and uncovered the geographical point. Many ex slaves will get dwarfish commutative enterprise culture who don't poverty or status slaves but will consequence skilled helpers or partners. Many have earlier stepped off of the house ladders to delight in self-government in their prearranged donkey work. Partnerships have been tremendously lower than used and undervalued until now. Slaves will go deficient and valued fairly. All reported to this old law of scarcity, secure and necessity. The up-to-date terminated indefinite quantity of toil depresses consequence - an underneath indefinite quantity of joint work will bring to the fore consequence.

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