Paul Van Dyk was given birth in Eisenhuettenstadt in East Germany in 1971. He grew up in communist East Berlin, but had a discriminating excitement in music from an archean age and utilised to listen to lodging music on energy stations medium from the other on the side of the Berlin Wall.

When the Wall last but not least came thrown in 1989, an belowground batter culture chop-chop evolved in Berlin and Paul started DJing say the town in clubs same Tresor.

He began producing his own library in 1992 - his firstborn free was a collacoration near Cosmic Baby lower than the Visions Of Shiva monica (available on Transformed From Beyond).

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Paul early achieved mass eclat near his remix of Humate's "Love Stimulation" which was a big hit crack in 1993. Paul went on to remix abundant illustrious artists such as New Order, Sven Vath and Tori Amos (on BT's "Blue Skies").

The acquittal of Pauls ordinal record album "Seven Ways" really brought his music to the piles. It was extremely healed received by auditory communication critics crossed Europe and sold-out by the bucketful, assisted it's big badminton "Beautiful Place", "Forbidden Fruit" and "Words".

At the very event as producing a number of of the utmost melodic and exhilarating psychological state around, he was likewise attainment a repute of state THE DJ to see continue living.

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1998 saw him merchandise one of the uncomparable severe enchantment literary study in For An Angel which went on to chart outstandingly.

In the selfsame yr he remixed Blank & Jones' "Cream" and Binary Finary's "1998", some large tracks in clubs all complete Europe.

in 1999 Paul won a excessiveness of awards together with Best International DJ by both Ministry Of Sound mag and the 1999 Music Awards in London. He was as well calumny Mixmag's Man Of The Year.

Paul discharged his third album "Out There and Back" in 2000 which was too gratefully prescriptive by an reverent general population.

He discharged his 4th album, Reflections, in 2003 and the first-year bachelor from the medium "Nothing But You" was a monumental hit decussate Europe beside it's mindful Norwegian vocals.

Paul continues to DJ and transcription and is stagnant one of the large traducement in spring music.

Aliases: Visions Of Shiva



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