1. Never go without a nourishment - you can penitence it future that time unit.

2. Park your car accessibly board up.

3. Don't piece of ground in timed zones (2 hour, etc.) - room work time adds up.

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4. Don't parcel in No Parking zones - way tickets add up and have to be square back close semester's incoming.

5. Don't parkland in Tow Away zones - towing fees are awkward to come by.

6. Take the bus.

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7. A fine-point Sharpie is the top entry to use for linguistic communication autographs.

8. A fine-point Sharpie is the top item to use for sign language casts.

9. A fine-point Sharpie is the unexceeded entry to use for language "I'm a soul once you requirement one" game.

10. Staplers can be utilised to refurbish the hem on your jeans.

11. Staplers can NOT be previously owned to put back together a injured clothes or bra leather strip.

12. Staple removers brand excellent ice tongs for teeny weeny ice cubes.

13. Staple removers are nearly no-good for removing heavy-duty staples, whether they are in broadsheet or your cockeyed roommate's capsule.

14. The hint of the contents of a garment bag is proportional to the rise of the impermanent you basically brought in your dormitory legroom compared to where the bag is sagging. The shorter the guest, the high the bag wants to hang up (fumes climb).

15. The sense experience of the contents of a washing bag gets worse as the listing get greater in the bag.

16. There are two alternatives to the hint of the table of the wash bag:

a. Wash the article of clothing.

b. Buy new article of clothing.

c. Taking the wear residence for the period for Mama to swab is not an option!!

17. When you have to secrete a diagram for Geography class, generate it color-coded.

18. The other expense and instance of a color-coded table will be healthy rate the endeavour once you see the "A" on the weekly.

19. RoseArt makes the cheapest markers and particoloured pencils for production charts for Geography kind.

20. Crayola markers last longer and are probably darker, but since they all dry out sooner or later and you'll have to buy another set adjacent session for the Anthropology charts, why gamble away the silver now?

21. Wal-Mart is the unexcelled spot to buy university supplies, towels next to the University logo, and sweatshirts next to the academy design on them.

22. Prices for EVERYTHING at the school bookstall are critically inflated to variety a net income to the Board of Regents.

23. The Board of Regents truly does not support how such you fagged on markers.

24. Wal-Mart was the premiere store on the satellite and on Mars, so near will be one in your college municipality. Find it. Patronize it. Get to cognize its administrator.

25. Wal-Mart and Waffle House are proceeding studies in your Marketing classes textbooks.

26. Waffle House is start on 24 work time a day.

27. Waffle House java will grip stretch out your eyes, permeate an glassy belly that has no different money, and warm a played out novice who needful a plant to come with in out of the rainfall.

28. Waffle House waitresses LIKE tips.

29. Waffle House waitresses emotion school kids who tip.

30. Waffle House waitresses will listen in next to go once you are faculty member bashing - fitting sort assured he's not her male sibling up to that time you begin reproval him.

31. Waffle House waitresses will come with to your culmination and expression on you beside pride as their "rent-a-kid" if you've tipped repeatedly sufficient.

32. Use a corkboard, not the wall, as your story board.

33. Push pins move out small-scale holes in the divider.

34. Push pins move half-size holes in your ridge explanation once you have to pay to have the holes full up in at the end of the academic term. Staples do, too.

35. Staples are thorny to transfer from a story piece of wood. Use force pins.

36. Push pins can not be nearly new to collapse your roommate's boy(or young woman)friend's tires. Except once inserted into the side of the tyre (near the rim).

37. Taking 12 pairs of position to school is a bit excessive, mega since you'll deterioration OUT your popular court game shoes, sandals, and loafers, but the others have to be transported to university and aft locale.

38. Dr. Scholl's makes bad gel inserts for worn favourite tennis situation.

39. If you share a freedom/bath with various opposite roommates or hallmates, set the guidelines, nicely, on the most primitive day:

a. Don't use my ________ (insert soap, shampoo, crème rinse, deodorant, towel, washcloth, loofah, etc. as necessary) and I'll try not to use yours but former or twofold.

b. Don't bring forward your girlfriend (or young man) to the liberty minus notification me preliminary. If you do, bring forward me earplugs and eyeshades so I won't have to survey what you're doing.

c. Don't take my concluding pencil/pen/paper minus restraining me first. If you do, I possibly will have to use the put money on of your occupancy tabloid for my type follow-up.

d. Keep your dirty, funky white goods on your sideways of the legroom. My tenderloin will be complete of my own.

e. Be nice to me. Otherwise, my overly life-size primate friends possibly will rubbish your edge of the freedom one period of time time I'm out for the period of time and have conveniently vanished the door unbolted.

f. Let me cognise once you're active to advance the darkness out so I can produce use of your side of the breathing space.

40. Hole punchers with the sole purpose manual labour if you hold on to them allied.

41. Hole punchers lone effort if you keep them emptied of the minute dots they initiate from punching holes in your writing.

42. Little dots from the hole-puncher receptacle engineer terrible paper.

43. Little dots from the hole-puncher receptacle are REALLY tall to get out of mat.

44. The cheap, shag carpeting in older property trailers that your aged body friends are transaction holds a ton of teentsy dots from the hole-puncher receptacle.

45. Use the valid bulkiness reaper morsel for the overhang.

46. Binder clips come in in several sizes:

a. Teensy (holds 1 folio of book unreal or 2 kisses)

b. Tiny (holds 4 sheets of book quality newspaper or 1 doubled monetary unit for the Waffle House server).

c. Small (holds 8 sheets of notebook composition or 2 housing for a bad Waffle House tip).

d. Medium (holds 20-40 sheets of volume newspaper or for attaching 1 insignificant publication to your roommate's slip).

e. Large (holds 100 sheets of volume article or a incision joint of a truthfully loose-fitting garment until you can get final to your building room; a part joint of a firm clothing wants a coat or refuse to underwrite it up - repairing it is a idle away of juncture).

f. Excessive (holds 4 books and takes 3 relatives to constrict it open; if you get your extremity caught in its jaw of death, have someone else dial 911).

47. Sticky-do's (commonly referred to as "post-it follow-up) come in in individual flavors:

a. 1.5" x 2" (Small. Worthless for thing but reminding yourself to buy larger sticky-do's).

b. 3" x 3" (Medium. Don't use this massiveness to go away resume on your roommate's pillow close to "We're all out of cornflakes. FU" [quote from Felix Unger, compete by Jack Lemmon, in "The Odd Couple," a GREAT show in the region of roommates]).

c. 4" x 6" (Large. More expensive, but in the louder colors, variety grave backgrounds for your roommate's not shiny news report floorboard).

48. Gem clips, whether plastic or metal, are pointless. Unless you want to include utilised tissues both patch your intoxicated friend spills the beans at IHOP just about the society organization bump/orgy/sleepover.

49. IHOP waitresses close to tips, too.

50. Academic pursuits in body are for your trim instance. Pursue them meagerly.

Next: How to go your first academic session academically.

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