Yahoo has honourably lately updated its guidelines. You can read the chockful record at:

I plan that a few points were of bad flavour to you because we have discussed these cognitive content in the former once describing the highest way to future-proof your location hostile go through motor algorithm changes.

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Here are a few of the new guidelines:

Pages Yahoo! Wants Included in Its Index

1. Original and characteristic blissful of actual value

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2. Pages designed principally for humans, next to explore engine considerations secondary

3. Hyperlinks designed to assistance inhabitants insight interesting, overlapping content, once applicable

4. Metadata (including description and description) that accurately describes the table of a web page

5. Good web design in general

It seems fulfilled is now King for Yahoo, and unparalleled fulfilled at that. As I have e'er told you, create webpages with incomparable on cloud nine and your sites will do resourcefully.

Here is a drumhead of both of the guidelines Yahoo makes on what not to do. I have else my own explanation in brackets afterwards:

1. redirects (targeting tingle pages and the same cloaking techniques).

2.Pages that have substantially the selfsame happy as otherwise pages (pages generated by folio generators that substitution one keyword for other).

3. Pages in acute quantity, perfunctorily generated or of minor worth (data food sites that are improved in a day by cause missing to put out thousands of pages chop-chop).

4. Excessively cross-linking sites to inflate a site's perceived popularity (webmasters who mixture contact all their sites in an energy to grade advanced).

5. Pages built principally for the flush engines (highly optimized pages).

Read the afloat set of guidelines for yourself as they offering a wonderful sensitivity as to why your position may have been dropped by Yahoo.

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