With tens of millions of registered members and more than 12,000 items listed, eBay is, lacking a doubt, the world's greatest Internet marketplace. And you can buy meet in the region of thing there-from CDs, films and vitamins to introductory edition books, new businesses and even someone's ending bodily function of air. But-what you poorness to know-is it the lay to store for fittingness equipment?

The response is yes, but that's if you don't be concerned sifting and, in record cases, speech act.

On a specified day in June 2003, in that were 1,026,771 items recorded low the "Sports" category; and location were 344,705 items in the "Sporting Goods" subcategory, which is broken down into much than three-dozen subcategories. Under "Exercise & Fitness," a "Sporting Goods" subcategory, within were 7,146 items. And that subcategory is prongy up into six subcategories. Hope you're not too bewildered.

On that fixed June day, I took a face at several suitableness products sold-out on eBay. I desired to breakthrough out how low prices on new (never been nearly new) working class or ability products go on this mega garage sale tract. The solid news: They can go pretty low.

One goods I examined was Total Trainer, and location are individual models traded on eBay. I zeroed in on the 3000 model, which is expected to be comparable to the Brinkley- and Norris- endorsed Total Gym 3000. On eBay, Total Trainer is offered in two evaluation formats: Name your own or Buy It Now (skip the auction bridge activity) for $277. Off eBay, Total Gym retails for, on average, $500.

I also compared a few new infomercial-marketed products. One, a knock-off of the Fast Abs physical exercise belt, an physics contractor arousal device, runs for in the region of $10 to $15 on eBay (with uncommitted business). Off eBay, the material article of trade will charge you in circles $30, nonnegative business enterprise/handling. Another, Smart ABS, is priced at $50 on eBay; off, it ranges relating $70 and $80. A tertiary goods is a Fitness Quest glider corresponding to the Tony Little Gazelle Freestyle Elite. Buy it on eBay and you'll pay stridently $220, just about fractional of what you would pass at Little's certified site.

The final goods I checked out was Jolie Weights, one-pound tie-on suitability shoe weights introduced this season by Jolie World. At JolieWeights.com, these weights expenditure $19.99. An self-governing eBay trader was auctioning them for $14.99. That's a 25 proportion reserves. Plus, business enterprise/handling charges are precisely the very.

The inferior file is: You will discovery whichever well brought-up deals on eBay. But here are a apposite numeral of vesture location too. The primo advice? Do your investigation up to that time purchase. Compare prices; read the good print; ask the trader whether it's a out of print or sporadic product; and be open-eyed of turgid transport/handling charges (a prevailing dummy run among eBay sellers). A definitive tip: in the past purchasing anything, read the seller's reviews, where buyers post their productive or negative purchasing experiences. If the eBay vendor has too umpteen negatives, then you may poorness to go past on the concordat. If the hawker seems legitimate, and you've confirmed it's a steal, hurdle on it. The price-the product- may be departed solar day.



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